Charitable Causes


Here at Lim Kian Leong & Co, we believe in giving back to the less fortunate. Consequently, corporate social responsibility forms a core part of our company’s values and principles. We believe that it is not only vital to develop the mind, but the heart too. We are proud to say that throughout the years, we have participated in numerous charitable causes and initiatives.

Here are some examples.

  1. Employees of the firm took part in a fun- fair organized by the Kechara Buddhist Association. We also made donations to the organization’s spiritual well-being centre that will be used to house an old folks home, animal welfare shelter and provide retreats for meditation and artistic expression.
  2. We regularly make donations and purchase essential household items like food, cooking oil, cleaning supplies etc for disabled homes and orphanages.
  3. Each year, Lim Kian Leong & Co. participates and helps to sell tickets to the fun- fair hosted by the National Stroke Association of Malaysia (NASAM). Recently, our firm took part in a fund raising event and succeeded in generating over RM20,000 for NASAM’s various rehabilitation programs in aid of stroke victims.
  4. In addition to this, we also participate in the KIWANIS Malaysia fun-fairs by running a jumble sale stall, helping to sell tickets and making donations to the cause.
  5. We believe that animals should be treated with dignity and respect and as such, donate to MIAR (Malaysian Independent Animal Rescue Shelter) and PAWS Animal Shelter.
  6. Throughout the year, the firm also makes charitable contributions to individuals and their families in need- either by assisting with their medical expenses or by buying them household necessities.
  7. We have also helped to raise funds for countries suffering from the after effects of natural disasters – such as the flooding that devastated parts of Thailand in 2011.