Tan Sri Dato’ Tajudin Ramli & Anor v Technology Resources Industries Berhad [2016] 1 LNS 500

Lim Kian Leong (Lim Kian Leong & Co) for the appellants


Background of facts- The plaintiff was a public listed company in the business of providing telecommunications services under the brand known as Celcom- At the High Court the plaintiff filed a claim against the defendants seeking declarations that the defendants acted in breach of their fiduciary duties to the plaintiff and desired the restitution of various payments as well as the return of two vehicles from the defendants- Plaintiff contended that the payments and benefits paid were not in accordance with the Articles of Association (AA) and in contravention of the law- The first and second defendants filed a counter claim contending that they were entitled to payments based on the principle of quantum meruit taking into consideration their services and achievements that had benefitted the plaintiff- Appeal against decision of High Court in which the learned judge allowed the plaintiff/respondent claim’s suit brought against the first appellant/defendant, second appellant/second defendant and the third appellant/defendant for the return of incentive payments pursuant to the corporate restructuring exercise, the return of the compensation payments and the return of the vehicles transferred to the first and second defendants. The third appellant, however, withdrew his appeal prior to the hearing of this appeal- No cogent basis for this court to intervene in its appellate capacity- No judicial misappreciation or evaluation of the evidence by High Court.