Ranjeet Singh Sidhu & Anor v Zavarco Plc & Ors [2016] 2 CLJ 975

Lim Kian Leong (Lui Kar Yee & Shim Mong Seng with him) (Lim Kian Leong & Co) for the 1st, 2nd, 8th to 12th and 16th defendants.


Civil Procedure- Judgements and orders- Setting aside- Setting aside earlier judgement or order in fresh suit- Fraud or collusion- Whether judgement or order obtained by fraud or collusion could be invalidated- Evidence Act 1950, s.44. Striking out action- Double derivative action- Existence of several cause of action- Non-disclosure of any reasonable cause of action after plaintiff filed application for discovery and interrogatories- whether claim can be struck out- Examination on restitutionary remedy at interlocutory stage- Allegation of illegality- Whether trial needed to determine availability of restitutionary remedy- Company law- Derivative action- Fraud on minority- Multiple derivative actions- Commencement of common law derivative action in Malaysia against company incorporated in England-Whether permission of English High Court required before filing suit in Malaysia- Evidence Act 1950, s.57 (1),(b)- Judicial notice- Foreign law- Opinions on English Law.